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Stag beetles — All they need is love and wood

This website is mainly dedicated to the European stag beetle Lucanus cervus. For other stag beetle species click here.

Male stag beetle.
Male stag beetle. Photo by Maria Fremlin, 5 June 2013.
Click on the picture to see what he has done.

This year's stag beetle flying season has started on May 17 in Colchester. Right now the females are walking about in search for good places to lay their eggs. Just let them be if their are not in dangerous places.
Do register your sightings on the ongoing The Great Stag Hunt III survey. Null records (eg 'I looked but I didn't find any') are equally useful.
If you have any interesting observations do not hesitate to email me; thanks to your feedback there is always something new to learn about these fascinating beetles. Consequently, I do my best to keep this site updated as I enjoy receiving your emails.
See you soon ;-)
Contact: Maria Fremlin.

”Science is the most extraordinary collective effort of mankind”, quoting my late father-in-law, John Heaver Fremlin.

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