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Stag beetle predators

Stag beetles are very much part of the food chain. I'm afraid that being such a large beetle makes them prone to all kinds of trouble when they are active above the ground.
However, during their long larval stage they also attract the attention of foxes, rats, badgers and wild boars in the continent.
Below are some pages related to this topic; they have been written over the years.

Male stag beetle corpse. Photo by Maria Fremlin, 21 June 2010. Trodden male stag beetle corpse oozing fat. Photo by Maria Fremlin, 21 June 2009.

Special request!   If you happen to have pictures of stag beetles who have been victims of other predators and would like to share them on this website, please, contact me. I'm particularly interested in cats, hedgehogs, mice and shrews not to mention badgers.

Last modified: Sat April 2 2016

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