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Lollipop - a novel stag beetle habitat

Photo taken 31 October 2007, by Maria Fremlin.

The first lollipop, Colchester, Essex, UK. Photo by Maria Fremlin, 31 October 2007.

A lollipop is a new construction: a pyramid plus the Dutch nesting posts. This way it will allow for easier monitoring in the “stick” end of the pyramid.
The first lollipop was built in the Colchester County High School for Girls, on 31 October 2007, under the supervision of George Davidson, the ranger at Highwoods Country Park, who not only created the design but coined the name as well.

Shown in here is a step-by-step illustration of how it was made.

It has been monitored regularly. Alas, so far the stag beetles don't seem to have been tempted by such source of wood. For more updates, click here.

First uploaded on December 2 2007.
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