Baked quinces

Baked quince. Photo Maria Fremlin

This recipe was inspired by Claudia Roden's Poulet aux Coings, The Book of Jewish Food, 1997. By the way, you will find other quince recipes in this most interesting book.


Four people


180 C, 350 F, gas mark 4

Put the quinces on a nice oven to table dish, dot with butter and honey. I sometimes use quince jelly instead of honey, or even mince meat, which I keep i the freezer. Or even concentrated apple juice. Whatever you do, I find that they need some sweetening to counteract their sharpness, even for a savoury dish. Put in a hot oven until they are nicely coloured, it will take about half an hour if you used fresh quinces or longer if they were straight out of the freezer.

Excellent with roasted pheasant, chicken, etc.

Baked quinces are also excellent as a dessert, see top photo, just omit the salt and pepper and perhaps add a bit more honey. Better still, scatter lumps of the sweet mince meat on the dish and bake.

Maria Fremlin, 19 January 2016

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