Aphrodite's pudding

Jill Charles, like me a quince fan, gave me this lovely recipe. It doesn't take a lot of quinces and you can even make up any shortfall with apples.


Serves 4 people


Grease a 1 liter/ 2 pints pudding basin and put the honey in the bottom. Reduce bread to crumbs and add zest of orange and spices. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Mix in beaten egg and crumbs alternately. Grate cored quinces, make up any shortfall with apple. Thoroughly stir fruit and almonds into the mixture. Dissolve soda in 1 teaspoon water and beat in too. Pack mixture firmly into the basin, cover with buttered grease proof paper and steam for 2 hours. A bit less if you used defrosted quinces. Turn out and serve hot with cream or mascarpone cheese.

Maria Fremlin, 09 March 2000

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