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The von Schröter arms

Stag beetle arms of the German von Schröter family drawn by Hans Dietrich Birk,1983.
The "stag beetle arms" of the German-Canadian von Schröter family refer to an old German name for stag beetle, Schröter.
This kind of arms or parts thereof, like individual figures, are called canting arms (armas cantantes or armas parlantes in Portuguese or Spanish, sprechende Wappen in German and so on), that is, arms which refer to their owners name.

The painting was made by the German-born Canadian heraldic artist Mr Hans Dietrich Birk (born in 1916) and appeared in his collection of the arms of noble families of European origin immigrated into Canada and registered (or deposited) at the National Archives in Ottawa.

These arms were published by the painter in 1983 in a book called "Armorial Heritage in Canada" but this information is from the book "The Art of Heraldry" by Carl-Alexander von Volborth, published by the Blandford Press (Poole, New York, Sydney) in 1987.

This information was received from Jukka Suvisaari, heraldist
Villa Suvi, Friisilä of Espoo, Finland
January 2004

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