Strawberry and orange ice cream

This is a recipe that I found in The Times more than 20 years ago and ever since I have been making it regularly every year as it is very popular. One time I lost it and had to rescue it from a friend who had asked me for it.

When the strawberries are in season I usually make a double recipe in a huge bowl. It is worth mentioning that this ice cream can just be popped in the freezer and forgotten, it doesn't need stirring.


Yields about 2 liters


First make a syrup with the sugar and the water in a saucepan and boil it without covering for five minutes. Put aside to cool.

Beat the cream until stiff.

Blend the fruit with the orange juice.

Now in a large bowl whisk the whites until stiff and then pour the syrup slowly and in a thin stream stirring continuously. This is very important and if done properly the whites will increase in volume dramatically and the mixture becomes very thick. Stir in the pureed fruit and fold in the cream. Label and freeze directly, no need to stir.

Before serving let the ice cream ripen in the refrigerator for about hour.

I have tried to make this recipe with mulberries but for some reason it comes out very cheesy.

15 December 1999

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