Non-stick porridge

Everybody would agree that the draw back about porridge is to clean the pot afterwards. I've thought hard about how to tackle this problem, and came up with a solution. All you need is an automatic oven.


Serves 2 to 3


Oven 90 C, 190 F, a very low setting
Cooking time: 1h 15 min
End time: when you come down for breakfast

Before you go to bed, put all the contents, except the honey, in an ovenproof casserole. Set the automatic oven as above. This might need a bit of experimenting, depending on your oven thermostat, and also on the way that you like your porridge, of course. I arrived at the ideal above settings by taking notes and gradually improving them.

The oven will be calling when you come down for breakfast. Just help yourself, add a dollop of honey and enjoy!
Any late breakfast comers can just go to the oven and help themselves; as for cleaning the pot, it will take you no time at all.
By the way, I recycle my vanilla pods, I just wash them and pop them back in a jar full of Demerara sugar, and other vanilla pods. Also, any leftovers can be refrigerated and consumed at any other time, it is lovely cold as well. You could try adding dried apple rings and a stick of cinnamon instead.

There are many other ways of making porridge. Loads of people don't use milk, but I was brought up on a milky porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon and honey! It shouldn't be a problem, just mix things your own way and pop it all in the oven. Or in even a microwave oven, but it isn't so scrumptious.

Maria Fremlin, 25 January 2006

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