In the past I have made spinach gnocchi more or less following Marcella Hazan's recipes, however recently I have created my own version which is also influenced by a recipe in Anton Mosiman ~ naturally book. In this book gnocchi are made with baked rather than boiled potatoes, which I much prefer. Sometimes I even give my potatoes a ride, with other things, in the oven the day before thus saving time and energy. Bear in mind that according to Marcella Hazan, the Italian cookery writer, white potatoes do not make good gnocchi, so make sure to use red potatoes like Desirée or King Edwards.

When making gnocchi it is very important to remove as much water as possible from whatever you are adding to the potatoes be it spinach, nettles or winter squash. However if you end up with a very wet mixture do not despair. Make the gnocchi with 2 spoons, thus never touching the dough with your hands, and roll into shape on a very generously floured board. Miraculously they do not tend to disintegrate while poaching.


03 March 2000

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