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Maria Adelaide da Cunha Torres Fremlin, aka Maria Fremlin, writes:

This site has a series of presents from my children, John and Peter.
It started back in 1998 with the recipes, as a very nice 54th birthday present from John, who was then nearly 16 years old.
From then on I have gradually added some of my other interests to it. This has involved many hours of sometimes very slow and painful work, however the results have been well beyond my expectations - I am hooked beyond redemption.
A million thanks to the boys and their father for their patience, generosity and above all brilliant advice, see below.

David, Peter and John with my Xmas present, a weather station, Colchester, 25 December 2005

Here is my family, from the left, David, Peter and John. This picture was taken on Christmas day, 2005. They are examining my husband's present to me: a weather station. This to do with my Stag beetles interest.

For more about my background see my CV.

I am also the business manager for Torres Fremlin, publishers. This is something to do with my husband's Magnum Opus.

Peter, born 1986, has built sites for some family interests:
Colchester Muscular Dystrophy Group, and Sylvia Goller Trust, for more see http://peter.fremlin.de.

John, born 1982, first got a domain for the Fremlins: www.fremlin.de. It is a German domain which confuses a lot of people because we are based in England. Then he got www.fremlin.org, consequently I use both domains. Yet more confusion...

My sister in law, Margaret Kettlewell, has an interesting homepage with her book about my father in law, John Heaver Fremlin: There isn't a Snake in the Cupboard.

Our nephew, Luke Wilkins, runs a very interesting website. the mukiwa is about Southern Africa, and it includs history, politics, and travel information.

Last updated on 5 April 2016.

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