Pumpkin bread

Sometimes I incorporate a good lump of cooked pumpkin or any winter squash puree in the dough. Bread dough is an extremely versatile and tolerant medium and believe it or not you can add a variety of things to it thus making the most interesting varied breads. Pumpkin bread has a lovely colour and is very moist. Basically the pumpkin puree must be at room temperature and is added at the beginning with the flour and the yeast. Then follow on the usual way, of course less water will be needed and one must take care to stop adding it so as to achieve a good working dough. Just try the recipe bellow and if you feel really inspired add herbs like thyme or sweet marjoram and a few pumpkin seeds at the end of the first rising. If in doubt contact me.

Yield: Three loaves


Make the bread following the traditional procedure.

Sourdough bread makers please note that pumpkin sourdough bread is very nice. I usually add it in the last step, but it has just occurred to me that doing a sponge with it would be well worth trying. More and more flavours coming into play.

Date: 09-03-2001

Author: Maria Fremlin

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