Red Rob for a Cold Free Winter

My friend Diana Crees gave me this Red Rob recipe for a cold free winter and it has become a very popular bedtime drink with my family when we have a cold. It is a treat to go to bed with a nice hot drink by the side.


Pick ripe wild elderberries taking great care not to strip the bushes. Wash the fruit clumps then after stripping the berries off the stem, put them in a pan, cover with water and stew well in gentle heat for a couple of hours. Strain and measure the liquid then follow the proportions given above for the other ingredients. Put the lot in a clean pan and boil for half an hour or so, strain and bottle in sterilized bottles. Have a daily drink made with one tablespoon of Red Rob in a cup of hot water and a bit of honey.

Once opened refrigerate.

Maria Fremlin, 07 March 2000

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